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A WV Mountaineer’s Life Has Changed

MountaineerBob at WV Mountaineer Sports posted about how his life as a West Virginian living in Pittsburgh has changed over the past 6 weeks:

There has been absolutly ZERO talk or news about PITT football.

Instead of Pitt footabll news, MountaineerBob is seeing:

The Steelers are on a Bus trip across South Western PA to drum up support for Obama. You hear stories about how Dan Rooney, the Steelers owner, has endorsed Obama. You see news clips of Hillary Clinton in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and You Tube video of Bill Clinton giving speeches to little round Pittsburgh moms.

Those of us in Pittsburgh know that our sports teams are enormous institutions unto themselves.  Rooting for our teams (or *gasp* in some occasions against our teams) is one of the ways that Pittsburgh builds community that cuts across geographic and economic lines.

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for the past eight years, and the strong sense of community is one of the things that I love about the city.  When Google opened an office here in 2005, it was because many of the technology workers that our universities are training wanted to live here.  Pittsburgh sports culture is a great example of the community building that can bring people to (and keep people in) Pittsburgh.