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Being Gay in Pittsburgh

Sue gave us a tremendous overview of many of the facets of Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ community over at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.  Sue starts off with a piece of, what she calls, “a long time in gay history:”

The City of Pittsburgh has codified our civil rights and civil protections.  It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender presentation in the areas of employment, housing or public accommodation.

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The View from Mt. Washington

The view of the primary from Mt. Washington is taken on by Mountain Girl at, and she starts by talking about the view itself…

The view of Pittsburgh’s skyline and three rivers from Grandview Avenue has become one of the most recognizable visual symbols of our city. In fact, it’s been the backdrop for a lot of the national news coverage leading up to the Pennsylvania primaries on Tuesday.

The view is spectacular but it represents Mt. Washington less and less for me the longer I live here. There is so much more that a lot of people don’t see.

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Spring in Pittsburgh

It’s Spring in Pittsburgh, and Elizabeth Perry at woolgathering takes the opportunity to reflect on the city and her appreciation for the people in it.

In a city the size of Pittsburgh, small groups working together can have a significant effect – in neighborhoods, in institutions, in politics, and in business.  Drawing every day has taught me about the way a gesture, repeated, can have a powerful cumulative effect.  I see that happening in the city around me.

See Elizabeth’s beautiful post and drawings by clicking through.

Authenticity at Cleveburgh

Jim at Cleveburgh Diaspora discusses what it means to talk about what is authentically Pittsburgh:

I’ve followed the media representations of the state’s human geography. The negative stereotypes range from Rust Belt to Redneck. Overall, the cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have faired well, the islands of cosmopolitanism at either end of the state.

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It’s the People

Char typically writes the kind of bittersweet and occasionally (ok, often) sarcastic observations that we absolutely must have to get through the day over at Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette.  In her contribution to the Primary Pittsburgh Project, she does not disappoint:

In her day job, Char sells real estate:

When I deal with newcomers to Pittsburgh, I’m forced to look at our city anew through their eyes. Forced to realize that in this day and age all books are judged by their covers and ours sometimes doesn’t make the best first impression.

She quickly gets to the punchline:

So when newcomers inevitably ask me why I like it here so much … I’m sometimes hard pressed to adequately express, in three words or less, the real inner-beauty that makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. If they only have time for the three-word answer, my reply is “It’s the people.”

Click through to read Char’s story about “Mr. Science,” the man who bought a house under foreclosure in the Upper Northside so that he could live closer to kids who he often worked with in nearby Northview Heights.

A funny thing about Pittsburgh is that our housing market is not so impacted by national market trends.  Property values are growing, but housing remains affordable.  But why do people choose to locate or stay in Pittsburgh?  More often than not, the answer is “it’s the people.”