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Pittsburgh as Place

Mike Madison at Pittsblog tells us that the strength of the region is not the people or neighborhoods or anything else that may come and go.  Our strength and our greatest amount of weath is instilled in place:

Great cities are great in large part because their citizens invest in the wealth of place. Pittsburgh was founded 250 years ago at an aquatic confluence that gives it enduring and uncommon wealth. If Pittsburgh has been a great city, that’s because those who have lived here and those who visited were stewards of that wealth. They drank deeply of Pittsburgh’s hills and valleys and rivers, molding their lives to the land and the water rather than molding the land and water to their lives.

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Authenticity at Cleveburgh

Jim at Cleveburgh Diaspora discusses what it means to talk about what is authentically Pittsburgh:

I’ve followed the media representations of the state’s human geography. The negative stereotypes range from Rust Belt to Redneck. Overall, the cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have faired well, the islands of cosmopolitanism at either end of the state.

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Not Your Parents’ Manufacturing Economy

Pittsburgh’s manufacturing economy is not just ancient history, but is actually growing.  Don’t take my word for it, read the post Manufacturing our Future by Harold Miller at Pittsburgh’s Future.

One of the most counterproductive myths in the Pittsburgh Region is that manufacturing is dead and gone, or at best on life support, waiting for the last job to move overseas.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Manufacturing is actually the largest economic sector in our region.

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