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Authenticity at Cleveburgh

Jim at Cleveburgh Diaspora discusses what it means to talk about what is authentically Pittsburgh:

I’ve followed the media representations of the state’s human geography. The negative stereotypes range from Rust Belt to Redneck. Overall, the cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have faired well, the islands of cosmopolitanism at either end of the state.

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Primary Art Report

In his contribution to the project, Rick at Pittsburgh Art and Gallery Info highlights the Pittsburgh Art scene…

The obvious art gallery magnates like the Mattress Factory, the Andy Warhol Musuem, the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the Silver Eye Center for Photography continue to place Pittsburgh in the national and international spotlights.

…what’s gone on lately…

Pittsburgh experienced a truly amazing phenomenon with hundreds of art exhibits for the NCECA Ceramics Convention which brought over 5,000 members and collectors to the city… Pittsburgh was immersed in ceramic art and many local exhibits went on for the month.

…and what’s upcoming:

On the immediate horizon of events we have one of Pittsburgh’s newer art galleries, the Green Building Gallery, hosting an Obama Art Auction Fundraiser this Sunday, April 20 which brings together many Pittsburgh artists and their work to raise money for Barack Obama.

Pittsburgh’s arts scene on the whole is truly outstanding:

I find myself wanting to endlessly write about all the art events and developments happening here in Pittsburgh and in truth there are so many events it’s hard to get a handle on everything, another testament to this region’s arts scene.

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It’s the People

Char typically writes the kind of bittersweet and occasionally (ok, often) sarcastic observations that we absolutely must have to get through the day over at Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette.  In her contribution to the Primary Pittsburgh Project, she does not disappoint:

In her day job, Char sells real estate:

When I deal with newcomers to Pittsburgh, I’m forced to look at our city anew through their eyes. Forced to realize that in this day and age all books are judged by their covers and ours sometimes doesn’t make the best first impression.

She quickly gets to the punchline:

So when newcomers inevitably ask me why I like it here so much … I’m sometimes hard pressed to adequately express, in three words or less, the real inner-beauty that makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. If they only have time for the three-word answer, my reply is “It’s the people.”

Click through to read Char’s story about “Mr. Science,” the man who bought a house under foreclosure in the Upper Northside so that he could live closer to kids who he often worked with in nearby Northview Heights.

A funny thing about Pittsburgh is that our housing market is not so impacted by national market trends.  Property values are growing, but housing remains affordable.  But why do people choose to locate or stay in Pittsburgh?  More often than not, the answer is “it’s the people.”

Not Your Parents’ Manufacturing Economy

Pittsburgh’s manufacturing economy is not just ancient history, but is actually growing.  Don’t take my word for it, read the post Manufacturing our Future by Harold Miller at Pittsburgh’s Future.

One of the most counterproductive myths in the Pittsburgh Region is that manufacturing is dead and gone, or at best on life support, waiting for the last job to move overseas.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Manufacturing is actually the largest economic sector in our region.

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A WV Mountaineer’s Life Has Changed

MountaineerBob at WV Mountaineer Sports posted about how his life as a West Virginian living in Pittsburgh has changed over the past 6 weeks:

There has been absolutly ZERO talk or news about PITT football.

Instead of Pitt footabll news, MountaineerBob is seeing:

The Steelers are on a Bus trip across South Western PA to drum up support for Obama. You hear stories about how Dan Rooney, the Steelers owner, has endorsed Obama. You see news clips of Hillary Clinton in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and You Tube video of Bill Clinton giving speeches to little round Pittsburgh moms.

Those of us in Pittsburgh know that our sports teams are enormous institutions unto themselves.  Rooting for our teams (or *gasp* in some occasions against our teams) is one of the ways that Pittsburgh builds community that cuts across geographic and economic lines.

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for the past eight years, and the strong sense of community is one of the things that I love about the city.  When Google opened an office here in 2005, it was because many of the technology workers that our universities are training wanted to live here.  Pittsburgh sports culture is a great example of the community building that can bring people to (and keep people in) Pittsburgh.

Cynthia’s Articulation of the Project

Cynthia at My Brilliant Mistakes promotes this storytelling experiment over at her blog.  She puts it way better than we could ever hope to:

Time is key. We have just days left until the primary when the major media is taking a fresh look at our city and region. It’s like the tiny window of attention we receive when the Steelers play Monday Night Football at Heinz Field, extended for a few more days.

Let’s see your stories!

Emoticons at IHeartPgh

Lindsay at IHeartPgh (and this site) posted about the birth of the emoticon in Pittsburgh.  🙂

Pittsburgh has long been ahead of the rest of the US in technology.  With Carneige Mellon and other universities – Pittsburgh is one of the hotbeds of technology development.  The emoticon story is a great, fun example of a popular technology that was born right here in Pittsburgh.

See her entire post, where she re-posted this story about the emoticon’s birthday from WTAE.