Direct from Our Newest Pittsburgher

Liz Rincon, the new Executive Director for the Pennsylvania League of Young Voters, has lived in Pittsburgh for all of a few weeks. She was kind enough to give us her perspective for the project:

Working as a professional campaigner has taken me to all parts of this country. I have worked in large cities, such as Chicago, all the way to rural Iowa. Quite frankly, I have learned something from all the places I lived, worked and traveled. However, I must say that moving to Pittsburgh, PA has been one of the more interesting locations I have had the privilege of work in.

As an outsider, the most I had heard about Pittsburgh, was one of two things, football and steel. While football seems to be more alive now than ever before, steel has unfortunately left, taking with it the people of this city. I find it interesting that such a history with this industrious town still remains in every corner you look.

I have fallen in love with the history, (while some of it is dark) and the sprit, the people and the new culture of art and education. It is a city that needs to be recognized as one of the most important cities in American history. Unfortunately, I feel that it is sorely underscored by the larger cities to the East.

I am lucky to be here and hope to become more and more a “Pittsburgher” everyday. This city has so much to offer and in my travels, I am a huge advocate. The message of Pittsburgh is clear, we have a past, but we still have a mighty future.


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