Being Gay in Pittsburgh

Sue gave us a tremendous overview of many of the facets of Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ community over at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.  Sue starts off with a piece of, what she calls, “a long time in gay history:”

The City of Pittsburgh has codified our civil rights and civil protections.  It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender presentation in the areas of employment, housing or public accommodation.

Sue then goes on to talk about many of the community organizations:  the PERSAD Center (the nation’s first LGBT mental health provider), the Gay & Lesbian Community Center, the Pittsburgh AIDS task force, the Sheperd Wellness Center, GLENDA, PFLAG, GLSEN, and Voices of Hope.  She talks about OUTrageous Bingo and Queer Dinners at Gypsy Cafe.

Let’s shout out to our business community.  Beyond the gay bar foundation, there are many, many local gay owned companies that serve the entire community.  Coffee houses, clothing stores, caterers, and much more.  One bakery has a monthly lesbian night. Another straight owned bar has declared themselves a gay bar (and has good pizza).  Bank of New York Mellon has a thriving queer affiliation group for employees.  And the so-called “pink dollar” is being sought after.

This reminded me of Philadelphia’s national marketing effort a few years ago to promote gay tourism.  Sue also reminds us

that the myth about gays having more disposable income is misleading.  There are many local queer families that live in poverty or just a paycheck away — just like heterosexual families.  The good thing is that Pittsburgh is still an affordable place to live and raise your family so even if you aren’t the fortunate few to live in a restored Shadyside Victorian mansion, you can still have access to all of these wonderful resources.

Sue touches on electoral politics, political groups, philanthropic resources, and media and communication.  The post is both a great read and a survey of resources… you should click through to read the whole thing.

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