Authenticity at Cleveburgh

Jim at Cleveburgh Diaspora discusses what it means to talk about what is authentically Pittsburgh:

I’ve followed the media representations of the state’s human geography. The negative stereotypes range from Rust Belt to Redneck. Overall, the cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have faired well, the islands of cosmopolitanism at either end of the state.

He argues that the essence of our identity is too nuanced to nail down, except

that the only true Pittsburgh to be found is in a football stadium parking lot of a Steelers away game

Jim acknowledges that the city has a long way to go, but I think that he’s dead on when he talks about the space that we have in the city for economic (and political) opportunity.

In Pittsburgh, political innovation is not forthcoming. Yet to consider Pittsburgh chained down to its past would be a mistake. Unconventional political and economic spaces are wide open, rich with opportunity.

Pittsburgh has had to learn how to keep what is best about the old, and to transform itself by combining that with the new.  I would argue that we have much more than unrealized potential; we are already starting to grasp that.  Our area is the second fastest growing area for venture capital investment.  Whatever it is that is “authentically Pittsburgh” is constantly being re-visited, re-worked, and re-born.

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